B.Penta Elevators - passenger-elevator

Passenger Elevators

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, we have a variety of passenger lifts with varying capacities and speeds.
B.Penta Elevators - car-elevators

Car Elevators

These lifts are designed to expand the number of automobiles that can be parked in parking lots and garages.
B.Penta Elevators - Home-Elevators

Home Elevators

The Villa lift or Residential lift is another name for the home lift. Our house lifts are high-performing, energy-efficient, and
B.Penta Elevators - Cargo-Elevators

Cargo Elevators

Cargo lifts are increasingly becoming a commercial and industrial need. It is the most popular option for lifting and carrying
B.Penta Elevators - Bed-Elevators

Bed Elevators

Hospital Patients and medical equipment are transported in comfort and safety using bed lifts.
B.Penta Elevators - observation-lift

Observation Elevators

Observation elevators are also known as Panoramic lifts and Capsule lifts.